Project Controls
December 11, 2018

Synergite Stacey Wehmeier was a keynote speaker at the Project Controls Expo Australia. Stacey has written a summary of the event which explains the importance of Project Controls in decision making. It is vital Project controls continues to receive awareness as it grows and becomes recognised by larger agencies and departments.

Project Controls Expo Australia has been a hugely successful event with over 600 delegates attending.  This is the first Project Controls Expo in Australia and follows on from the UK success over the last few years.  This year’s UK event attracted over 1300 delegates and we are hopeful that the Australian expo will continue to grow over time.  This expo is another major step towards professionalising Project Controls and raising awareness of the richness the analysis undertaken by project controls brings to supporting informed decision-making. The expo brings project controls practitioners together to share their experiences, and the advances being made in skills, software, training and professionalisation.

I was privileged to be asked to be the Keynote Speaker for this inaugural expo, and to represent Synergy as a provider of outstanding services and outcomes delivered by good people who do good work. My topic was ‘Challenges and Opportunities in establishing a strong project controls practice and culture in a large organisation – A journey of People, Culture and Leadership Learnings.”  My presentation was based on the time I spent in Defence working in project controls and my lessons in leadership along the way.  The theme all the way through was that the journey is about people, helping them communicate the value they bring to decision-making, and being of service to my community so that we could realise our destiny:

  • Project Controls makes it easy for Decision Makers to Succeed. That is Our Purpose.
  • Project Controls is a Community of skilled People, communicating strong Analysis supported by Evidence, to enable sound Decision Making.

My sincere thanks to the Synergy Team for the support leading up to and after the expo. Everyone is busy, but the team were a living demonstration of our values and I am very appreciative of their time, effort, collaboration and knowledge.

Written by Stacey Wehmeier