Auditing large government agencies
August 17, 2017

Jennie Armstrong, Executive Director 


Synergy is experienced in delivering innovative risk and audit solutions for large government agencies.

We are the sole provider of internal audit services for the Department of Social Services, which involves working closely with the Internal Audit section to ensure that the team delivers relevant observations and recommendations. This assists the department to meet their mission and strategic purpose.

“Synergy views internal audit as a key partner to management in delivering outcomes for the department by identifying relevant risks and providing value adding and timely recommendations,” said Executive Director Jennie Armstrong.

“We are able to achieve this by ensuring our team has in-depth knowledge of the organisation, understanding where the department is heading from a strategic perspective, and by building strong relationships with people across the organisation.”

Synergy’s team of dedicated and experienced staff are facilitating the delivery of internal audit services across various grant programs and initiatives, which are core to DSS’ purpose.  This delivery is made up of a mixture of multi stage audits, where timing of the audits is key to ensuring timely observations are raised.

“It is vital that Internal Audit raises any observations in a timely manner, so management is able to address any issues in an efficient and effective manner. Hence, it’s incredibly important to build trust within the department that Internal Audit is working with the organisation as a partner and not as a ‘policeman’.”

Jennie believes that a core internal audit team with low turnover is important to build this trust with the organisation, and continually build knowledge on the organisation within the team to be able to provide relevant and insightful reports.

“In its reviews, Internal Audit gains incredible insights into how an area works and can provide a lot of lessons learned for other areas of the organisation. The real value add of internal audit is by sharing these observations with other areas of the organisation, before they realise any issues.”

To learn more about Jennie’s work with DSS, or to have a general chat with her about how you can work on government risk and audit solutions, email her directly on