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Be Curious with Synergy Group

Experience Floriade 2023 with Synergy Group, the Presenting Partner for the second year. Exploring the art of curiosity, driven by our desire to learn and shape a brighter world through innovative, insight-driven action.

Curiosity is at our core. It speaks to our desire to know and learn, and how we can uncover the extraordinary. We think about solutions differently, helping to shape the world through insight-driven action. Through this theme, Synergy Group will explore the art of curiosity, exploring what could be, so it can be. 


Join us throughout Floriade and beyond as we think and act on issues being faced globally.


Synergy will be raising money for two charities: the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) and Roundabout Canberra. We are proud to be providing support for two hard working charitable organisations, whose teams give back to our community every day. Last year we raised $74,971 for our two nominated charities and we aim to reach that goal again for Floraide 2023! If you'd like to support our two partner charities, click here to donate.


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This year, Floriade has unveiled its captivating "Floral Wonderland" theme, inviting visitors to embrace their curiosity and embark on a journey of discovery, and immerse themselves in the display of over one million blooms! Join us from the 16th of September to the 15th of October at Commonwealth, Park.

At Synergy Group, we are passionate about supporting shared experiences and creative expression that brings people together and showcases our region. As we expand our business beyond Canberra, it is important to remain connected to our local community. Not only is Floriade a celebration of our people, but it gives Synergy Group the opportunity to contribute and give back in many ways.

Established in Canberra over twenty years ago, we have now expanded into Melbourne and Brisbane. All along the way, we have been fortunate to receive ongoing support from our community and clients. Giving back to them is an essential part of who we are, and we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded organisations to deliver this goal.

The Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) promotes and celebrates Indigenous Resilience through the humble yet powerful sport of running. In line with our RAP's launch and commitment toward First Nations people, we are excited to nurture our partnership and engage in cooperative work.

Roundabout Canberra provides safe, high-quality essential baby and children's items to families in need through their network of community and not-for-profit organisations. Previously, we have had the chance to work with Roundabout Canberra, and we are eager to continue our partnership.

Click here to donate.

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Embracing Heart-based Leadership Panel Discussion

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