Organisational Change Case Study
October 5, 2018

Synergy was recently engaged by a client to support their transformation from a traditionally-structured organisation releasing quarterly dataset products to market via a single channel, to a customer-centric agile organisation focused on delivering customer value through a range of channels to market.

Multiple Synergites were involved in this partnership which demonstrated many of the team’s capabilities in delivering valuable outcomes including:

  • Transformation of organizational structures from traditional siloed marketing, distribution and production teams to cross-functional teams focused on direct delivery to market;
  • Establishment and adoption of agile behaviours and practices across all teams including corporate functions – HR, Legal and Finance;
  • Visualisation of program management to highlight dependencies between teams;
  • Facilitation of organisation-wide retrospectives (quarterly) and team retrospectives (fortnightly) to support continuous improvement;
  • Alignment of organisational activities with the strategy through goal setting and tracking;
  • Support for teaming through delivery of Team Management Systems across the organisation; and

Definition and execution of enabling projects such as a customer relationship management system, contemporary pricing model, and HR practices – capability development, employee engagement measurement and performance feedback.