Choosing my own work arrangements – Alan Tse
September 25, 2018

Alan Tse is a Manager within our Performance and Financial Management team specialising in Data Analytics. Alan commenced with Synergy in 2016 and has thrived under his flexible working arrangements at Synergy.

When you just aced your interview and receive your offer letter, do you read every single word on the document? Honestly, I only look for the remuneration amount, role level and start date. I just imagine the offer letter is quite standard for workplaces. At Synergy, instead of just signing an offer letter – we sign up for a Synergy Personalised Agreement. This allows employees to dictate the hours we work by giving reasonable notice to Synergy.

I started at Synergy as a full time staff and after 20 months with the firm, I co-founded a start up selling zero proof craft cocktails and am now working 4 days a week. When I first brought the idea to reduce my hours to the Partner and CEO, they responded with excitement and support. I just sent two emails to vary my hours – one to the CEO/Partner and one to the Admin Team. No new contract or long delays. I’ve been under this arrangement for three months now and am enjoying the arrangement. The smooth transition was unreal.