Coming to you live: Mark Pattrick lunchtime address
October 24, 2017

It is a pleasure to sponsor lunch today, not just as a way to contribute back to the profession of accounting, but to also enable us all to benefit from the wisdom and insights of thought leaders such as Simon Anholt.

Today, Simon will share his insights on complexity and chaos along with his philosophy on how we can make the world work. This is a topic I think about in our work with organisations here in Canberra.  Like you, I see and work with great complexity each and every day.  I often wonder, like Simon, about how we can better expend energy and resources to manage this complexity.

At Synergy, we see the problems that agencies face each day with complexity.  We have also been fortunate to work with many agencies in dealing with and thriving in complexity. By sharing our expertise, by seeking to understand and by building levels of collaboration, we can help agencies thrive in complexity.

Recently, Synergy has launched a range of new initiatives. Initiatives that are designed to help agencies and Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) with the some of the most vexing challenges that they are grappling with. For example, our Shared Services Readiness methodology that recognises the uniqueness of each agency, or our Finance Function Performance Improvement methodology that prepares these functions for leadership and impact.

To deal with some of the more strategic organisational issues facing agencies, we have also recently launched our Strategic Financial Planning methodology that guides the whole organisation in managing and allocating resources where they are most needed. Similarly, our Decentralisation Business Case methodology enables agencies to navigate the intense political and organisational issues associated with decentralisation.

Like Simon, we care about what it means to be a Good Country. We also care about what it means to be a good CFO and finance function and also a good advisor. We see many opportunities for CFO’s, for accountants and for our professional generally to contribute on a bigger scale. Something that I lead within Synergy and also in the way we work with our clients. We want more for organisations, and believe that as accounting professionals, we can play a big role in this. By giving valuable advice, by turning toward the tough issues that agencies are facing, and by really seeking to understand and contribute to a positive way forward that makes our country a ‘Good Country’.