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From deployment, to employment

NEXT STEPS is a Synergy Group commitment to provide accessible pathways for Australian Veterans to find meaningful employment. Expressions of interest for our ‘Next Steps’ Veteran Program are now open.

Army boots next to dress shoes
25 November 2021
Synergy Group

Potential Personified. Growing into your potential is not just a philosophy — it is also something that is encouraged and celebrated within Synergy’s culture. We learn from each other, are inspired by each other’s ideas, trust each other and collaborate to achieve more than we could individually in a rewarding, inclusive, supportive and flexible environment. We are Synergy – proudly Australian owned and Canberra-based.

Our purpose – as a modern, confident and truly professional firm – is to solve challenges through innovative ideas and cognitive diversity. We understand that to be successful we need people who have different styles of problem-solving and can offer unique perspectives because they think differently.  We challenge ourselves, question the norm and focus on the issues that matter.

Above all Synergy is a place of partnership and collaboration, and it is in this spirit that we truly value the relationships we develop. We work closely with industry and across the entire Commonwealth. As a team we work hard to solve difficult and complex problems: this means being able to respond quickly, with the right people and expertise.

Much of our work is carried out in the Defence and National Security sectors and you don’t have to work in Defence or with the ADF for too long to realise that they, like Synergy, are people who continue to invest in and grow their potential.

At Synergy, we understand that ADF personnel understand and appreciate the demands of being mission and outcomes focussed. They are tremendously professional and impressive in their understanding of teamwork. They appreciate that the work of one contributes to the work of many, and to the benefit of all. They often must work a long way from home, away from family and friends and under enormous stress and pressure in the most trying of circumstances. This expresses volumes about their tenacity, discipline and integrity.

ADF personnel understand what it is to support each other to ‘soldier on’. And that’s why we support veterans in their transition to work outside of the Services. We know that Veterans are driven to do well and have the skills and mindset to be part of helping to solve big and complex problems that make a real difference to our future. Synergy is a Soldier On Platinum Partner and we understand the needs of serving and ex-serving Veterans and their families. We provide a broad array of employment choices for those wishing to transition from a life of service.

As a leading Commonwealth consultancy, we feel strongly that it’s important to give back. Helping Veterans and their families through transition is a great way of achieving this. We understand that stepping from uniformed service into a new career can be daunting, which is why we are committed to supporting Veterans through our Next Steps Veteran Recruitment Program.

On Friday, 26 November, Synergy Group is running a dynamic and engaging one day program that has been designed to give you the best opportunity to showcase personal qualities and work ethic.

We are searching for ex-servicemen and women and transitioning ADF members with any combination of the following: 

  • Project management including qualifications in or deep knowledge of P2A and/or MSP or similar PM methodologies
  • One Defence Capability System/Capability Lifecycle
  • Defence Capability Acquisition or Management
  • Understanding of linkages between scope, schedule, cost and resources
  • Governance, risk and assurance, and performance reporting acumen
  • Defence logistics support or Capability Acquisition background
  • Planning, coordination and task management skills
  • Written or significant involvement in the development of Capability Realisation Management Plans
  • Product Management skills with at least 10 years delivery experience
  • Defence technical support or Capability Management
  • Knowledge of Product Governance requirements
  • Written or significant involvement in the development of Test & Evaluation Management Plans for Defence Capability
  • Development of Training Needs Analyses and Systems Approach to Defence Learning

We are looking for potential, capacity and cultural fit and we are agnostic to rank and trade. We offer willing veterans the opportunity to explore their potential through individual interviews and tasks, and team challenges over one busy but rewarding day. Our day-long program provides a great opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of your key attributes and suitability for the business world in a way that can’t be achieved in a traditional one-hour interview setting.

At Synergy, we believe “its personal” and we recruit for attitude and train for skill, so personal qualities and potential for growth are critical. You will actively engage with our public sector clients to modernise, innovate and transform their business by applying contemporary technologies and methods. We offer the opportunity to work with an outstanding team of committed professionals, in a culture that values and empowers the individual to realise success.

Click 'take the first step' below, you will land on our careers page, scroll to the bottom to available jobs and click on 'Next Steps Veteran Recruitment' to submit your application. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and working out our NEXT STEPS.

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