Digital & Technology

Why we do it

We understand the benefits that information and communications technology (ICT) can bring to a business, and the need to remain agile in a rapidly changing environment.

We are not about replacing humans, but rather see technology as an enabler — taking on repeatable tasks to free up time so that staff can focus their attention on more meaningful activities. For the public sector, this helps relieve understaffing issues, and free the capacity of staff to do higher value work.

We are passionate about removing scepticism and showing our clients how they can leverage the rapidly evolving technological environment to maximise productivity and achieve their goals.

How we work

Our Digital & Technology team is highly experienced in all aspects of ICT, including UX design, website development, data analytics, digitisation, and robotic process automation.

Once we understand what our clients want to achieve, we will set out a plan to help achieve it, drawing on the best industry methodologies to deliver value fast. With user experience in mind, we always set out to create something that is intuitive and can be used by even the least technically adept people.

By using design thinking, agile methodologies, data analytics and an awareness of how digital technology supports business practices, we are able to guide our clients into a new paradigm of digital working.

Our work is guided by quality data, which allows us to measure success as we go. We use this to inform our decision-making and demonstrate what has been achieved through implementations. If needed, we engage other Synergy capabilities to help ensure smooth delivery, such as creative & design, change management, and performance management.

What we do

We help our clients understand how they can leverage ICT to enable business outcomes, improve the way they work and optimise the benefits they expect when investing in technology in the first place.

We take pride in delivering with our client’s involvement (not purely to them), solving actual problems, and ensuring a high-quality result every time. Our goal is to make the team’s more agile, more secure, and more efficient, so when we walk away, the organisation, department or unit is undeniably more capable.

  • ERP
  • ICT strategy
  • Cyber strategy
  • Corporate systems
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Data and intelligence
  • Digital transformation
  • Design and innovation
  • Cloud and emerging tech
  • Information management
  • Robotic process automation
  • Service and process digitisation