Enabling efficiency with process improvement
November 13, 2016

Cameron Lynch, Senior Manager


At Synergy, we believe in the age-old mantra of working smarter, not harder.

This doesn’t mean that we recommend taking short-cuts. Rather, we focus on identifying and eliminating inefficiencies that restrict our clients from doing ‘more with less’.

While some of our clients’ processes are already quite efficient, others can directly benefit from the experience that Synergy has accumulated over many years. We present strategies and ideas that have been successful in the past and recognise issues that have similarly affected other organisations.

We have numerous techniques for promoting greater operational efficiency. Most recently, we have been using a data visualisation tool, Tableau, which has provided new insights on management reporting.  Tableau can provide a visual representation to spot trends quickly and to replace unwieldy tables of numbers.

A client recently engaged us to redesign their management reports to ensure they provided meaningful and timely information to the executive, contract managers and other key stakeholders.

So, how do these measures create greater efficiency?

From this, we can provide a quick snapshot to our clients of their financial performance in a user-friendly manner. This not only saves a lot of time and effort, but gives them the confidence that the decisions they’re making are the result of a well-informed base. Staff can spend less time dealing with clunky spreadsheets and more time analysing trends and responding to management queries.

The redesigned reports provided the executive and contract managers with a single, drillable report to replace multiple legacy reports. Feedback from a First Assistant Secretary (SES Band 2) included “this hits the nail on the head” and “this is exactly what I needed” in response to work we delivered recently.

With the emergence of big data, the use of data visualisation will continue to grow in prominence as part of delivering innovative solutions for clients. We look forward to sharing these insights at CPA Congress in Canberra this week.

Synergy plays an important role in making sure that our clients have the appropriate tools and strategies in place to address emerging challenges.