Engaging with the local community
October 23, 2016

Cameron Lynch, Senior Manager


In 2015, Pat Quade, one of our Synergy partners came to me and said, “Cameron, we need to do more in the community space. Let’s get together and see what we can come up with.”

As a passionate volunteer for Camp Quality and current board member of Volunteering and Contact ACT, the prospect of increasing Synergy’s engagement with the local community was really exciting.

When we first established Synergy’s Charity and Community Group, we were keen to find an organisation that resonated with our company values. That organisation was YouthCARE Canberra, and their mission is to support youth on the streets who are either living rough or are homeless.

It’s quite shocking to think that in our city where most of us enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, there can be hundreds of people who are not guaranteed the most basic of necessities – whether it be their next meal, a roof over their head, or even their personal safety.

YouthCARE Canberra’s (YCC) distinct commitment to addressing inequities within our community really resonated with our team at Synergy. Similarly, YCC also recognised the mutual value of both organisations working together. In this sense, we chose each other – it was the perfect fit.

Since October 2015, Synergy has worked hard to promote the cause of YCC and to provide a more secure financial footing. This has included involvement in annual events such as the race day fundraiser at Thoroughbred Park, an annual cricket breakfast and a rugby dinner, where we recently bid farewell to Stephen Moore. During these events, we have been able to help raise over $15,000 in raffle ticket sales in the past year alone, in addition to an annual donation from Synergy.

However, the relationship between Synergy and YCC goes further than that. Pat Quade and Jan-Maree Stewart provide valuable assistance to the YCC Board. We run a Cadbury chocolate fundraiser in the office – much to the disdain of our waistlines – and recently held a charity poker night, with all proceeds donated to YCC. We are also currently undertaking a mango fundraiser.

Synergy was recently recognised as a finalist in the Australian Accounting Awards in the ‘Community Program of the Year’ category for the work we do with YCC. But we don’t do it for the plaudits – staff at Synergy have a strong conviction to give back to the community that we operate in. These relationships serve as a key factor in our business motto – ‘It’s personal’.