Government Open Data
May 4, 2018

Government Open Data is already transforming our lives for the better and has enormous potential to further spur innovation, reduce inefficiencies, and improve the competitiveness of the Australian economy. The Australian government has recognised this, as demonstrated through Public Data Mandate issued by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in 2015, the landmark Inquiry into Use and Availability of Public Data by the Productivity Commission in 2017, and the establishment of grass roots ‘civic hacktivism’ competitions such as GovHack, and most recently, the announcement for funding to establish a ‘National Data Commissioner’

However, in an era of high profile data breaches, and heightened concerns around security and privacy, there are risks that must be taken into account to safely release Government Open Data.

This paper will shed some light on the potential risks that Government agencies face when opening their data. The first part of this paper will introduce Government Open Data. It will outline what Government Open Data is, where it is going, and some of the benefits it offers. The second part will outline five core risks, that agencies should take into consideration when planning to release data.

If you want to learn about what Government Open Data is, why it is important, how it impact your organisation – please take a look. To continue the discussion – please connect with us.

Download the white paper here: Open Data Discussion Paper