Growing a career and business together
July 3, 2017


Paulette Robinson, Partner


I joined Synergy in 2012, when the team comprised of 20 people. Since then, I’ve worked really hard to become the first female partner, which has been a real joy and privilege.

Now is a great time to join Synergy. We’re still continuing our period of growth and development, so internally, all of our people contribute heavily to who we become in the future. At Synergy, it’s all about our people, and individually, you can have a huge impact. Externally, I think there are also a lot of opportunities out there right now for you to do what it is that you are passionate about.

Our main differentiator from a multinational company is our attitude and the way we approach employing people. Our ‘Personalised Agreement’ provides our employees with extremely flexible work arrangements. This means that we offer you a full-time equivalent remuneration package, but then you decide when and how you work to make it fit into your lifestyle.

You can work for three or four days, or you can work full-time and take eight weeks of leave. You can work in any way, shape or form that you want. Generally, people with families take these types of options, but we also have someone who has a particular interest in poker, and he’s playing poker every second Friday. We have very many and varied ways that people use this flexible work arrangement to suit their own personal circumstances.

In terms of promotion opportunities, there is not set formula. It’s not about who has been there for the longest, it’s not about what particular jobs are coming up. It’s about the individual and how they make it work for them. If an individual can create something they love, and create a business that works for the team and Synergy, then they will be rewarded.

We also like to have fun at Synergy. We have plenty of activities coming up such as our mid-year and end-year dinner where our families are invited. We have month-end drinks and various sporting activities such as netball and touch football. We are also quite involved in the community through YouthCare Canberra where we provide accounting knowledge and business services.

I enjoy working at Synergy because I can be who I want to be. I don’t have to conform in anyway, shape or form to anyone else, and I can bring the best of myself to work every day. I can enjoy working with other professionals who are at the top of their game. There’s nothing like having that professional interaction and support from other people who enjoy doing what they do as much as you do.

For me ‘it’s personal’ means I can come to work every day and enjoy what I do. It’s about working with people who enjoy what they do, and how we can grow careers and a business together.