Julie-Anne McIntosh – Case Study
November 20, 2018

Julie-Anne McIntosh (Jules) works in Synergy’s People & Organisational Development team and has recently delivered leadership capability programs to Government Departments in Papua New Guinea through an international partnership arrangement. Jules gives us an insight into her time in PNG.

The thought of spending two weeks working in Port Moresby created some initial hesitation for me… particularly travelling alone and constantly requiring a high level of personal security. These hesitations are now a distant thought and were far out-weighed by my amazing experience. The people I met and coached in developing leadership capabilities made this project so enjoyable and one I will never forget.

During my time in PNG, I engaged with Senior Executives to develop leadership both individually and in their teams. The project started off with a multi-rater feedback tool that provided insights and perceptions on many leadership capabilities.

The project included completing a customised 360 Degree feedback survey, that related to leadership and management capabilities and behaviours.  This was the first 360-degree feedback process ever attempted online for the participating agencies. I then led a number of individual coaching sessions that were focused on individual development needs which were then applied to assisting the leader with current priorities.

The confidential approach and face to face coaching sessions brought to light the challenges faced by each of these leaders in their personal and work life.

For the participants, it has been beneficial having the opportunity to take time out to reflect on their strengths as a leader as well as areas for development. Getting feedback was important and has led them to the realisation that small changes can have large impacts on relationships and behaviour.

The leaders showed full commitment, engagement and motivation to develop action plans and work through the agreed priority areas.  One of the leaders commented, ‘I can’t believe this, it is like I am looking in the mirror, I cannot hide anymore!

I have met many passionate leaders, who have shown through their actions, a commitment to make PNG a better place through growing their leadership capabilities. The resilience, adaptability, gratitude and commitment to improvement demonstrated by the leaders was inspiring and I certainly will be looking forward to working with them again.

Jules is passionate about building personal capability to develop leaders across all cultures and organisations! If you are interested in learning more about Jules or Synergy feel free to contact her at jmcintosh@synergygroup.net.au