What your mobile phone and professional development have in common
November 29, 2018

Key learnings from the 2018 IIBA Conference in San Antonio, USA

Synergites Paul Alcausin and Annette Watson recently attended the 2018 IIBA Conference in San Antonio, USA. The event is the largest global gathering of business analysis, business architecture, business process, business rules, business decisions and business strategy professionals.


Walk into any organisation and you can almost guarantee to hear the much-quoted phrase: ‘The only constant in life is change’.  While this is often associated with the importance of organisational change, it is rarely referred to in the context of personal & professional development – yet as organisations and the world continue to evolve, shouldn’t your skills and ideas do the same?

At Synergy Group, their commitment to my career, personal growth and professional development has given me opportunities across Australia and around the world.

Recently a colleague and I had the privilege of being sponsored by Synergy Group to attend the 2018 International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) conference in San Antonio, USA.  This was no small feat – over 1,500 attendees representing 28 countries – this conference was the premier worldwide event for business analysis professionals and thought leaders.

Over the five-day conference it became clear that:

  • The possibilities for technological innovation are rapid and limitless, which has dynamically shifted customer demands and expectations
  • Organisations must transform to continue to create value for an increasingly-savvy customer, or get left behind
  • Professionals should see this constant change as an opportunity to explore new ways of working

As trusted professionals, we should be viewing our skillsets and expertise much like we view our mobile phones: always be on the lookout for new skills and techniques, and don’t hesitate to try them (don’t forget, you can always delete unwanted apps), and consider a significant upgrade every now and again – you’ll be amazed at what new things you can do.

I am hugely appreciative to Synergy for investing in my own personal and professional growth.  Considering an ‘upgrade’?  Join the Synergy team – email me at PAlcausin@synergygroup.net.au if you want to know more.