Program Delivery

Why we do it

We know that new projects can be daunting. It’s difficult to know where to start, how to manage stakeholders, how to stay on track, and how to evaluate success when it’s finished.

Our Program Delivery team are experts in guiding a program or project from concept through to completion. We are communicators and collaborators, providing the technical know-how to help our clients achieve success, while offering a friendly partner to share the journey.

We are committed to achieving deliverables and working directly with the project team to achieve results.

How we work

We visit our clients on site and listen to what our clients need. Before offering any solutions or advice, we first need to understand the problem – and that means listening first.

Once requirements, needs, and concepts are clear, we will begin to pull together an integrated solution. This may require only the services of the Program Delivery team, or we may recommend engaging other areas within Synergy (such as Organisational Change Management, or Digital & Technology) to offer a fully end-to-end solution to the project.

Often, we find the best approach to program delivery involves a multi-faceted team — your staff, ours, and synergies across teams, or other providers. We want our clients to have the benefit of true domain expertise to ensure success; whether it is measured in scope, budget, outcomes or benefits.

What we do

We help our clients deliver program outcomes on time, on budget, and within scope to achieve their planned outcomes. Drawing on Synergy’s breadth and depth of capability, we are able to deliver an end-to-end service.

We provide a full range of project services, including change management, procurement, project recovery, project assurance, project scheduling and administration, and business analysis.

  • Program management & Program Management Offices
  • Project management, including agile methods
  • Change management
  • Procurement
  • Business analysis