Robert Kennedy ‘Locked up’ for Lifeline Canberra
May 11, 2017


Have you ever thought about locking up your boss? Now you can with Lifeline Canberra’s ‘Lock Up Your Boss’ campaign.

From 28 April, teams from businesses across the ACT will be locking up their bosses and throwing away the keys! Their only way out? Raising enough cash for bail.

The Synergy team will be locking up their boss Robert Kennedy on 9 June unless he raises sufficient funds to make bail.

The good news for Rob is he won’t literally be put behind bars. Lock Up Your Boss is a fundraising campaign for Lifeline Canberra taking place exclusively online in a ‘virtual’ prison. Although previously, bosses were arrested, taken to court and sent to the cells with bread, water and a mobile phone – to raise money for their release.

“Many might believe I belong behind bars, however, my freedom shrinks into insignificance compared to the great service Lifeline delivers to our community.  I urge all to get on board and donate now,” said Rob

Bail is $5,000, so he is going to need your help! If you want to see Rob get out of jail you can make an online donation here.


In Canberra, we lose one person every week to suicide.

Lifeline Canberra fights to save those in our communities who are battling depression and suicidal thoughts and offers support to help people change their lives for the better.

But doing that requires time and money. In fact, every potentially life-saving call costs $26.00.

The money raised for Lifeline Canberra through the ‘Lock Up Your Boss’ campaign will help save lives every single day.

In past years, National Lock Up Your Boss Day has raised over half a million dollars.  That’s close to 20,000 life-saving calls that can be answered.