Settling in at Synergy
July 31, 2017

Matthew Watkins, Executive Director


I’ve been at Synergy for three weeks now and it’s been a refreshing start to a new job.

After working at various tier 1 consulting and systems integration firms throughout Australia, Europe and the United Kingdom, I was attracted to Synergy for several reasons.

Synergy put their people first. I was really impressed when I read that the partners at Synergy guaranteed the pay of their contractors who were affected by the collapse of the payroll firm Plutus. The organisation’s corporate value statement ‘It’s personal’ applies equally to all members of our team – both permanent employees and contracted team members.

Another great drawcard was the ability of staff to be innovative in the service offerings presented to clients. It’s something Synergy has been doing for a while – building new services and expanding existing ones. The agile and simplified governance structure allows the firm to be nimble and adapt to the market’s needs and conditions.

From day one, there was no pressure to start billable work straight away. I was given time to settle in and understand the firm, the culture and its people.

Since then, I’ve conducted research into and developed a proposal to extend the IT financial management practice, I’ve arranged a couple of product demonstrations where I can see opportunity in the market to partner, and I’ve also spent time with the team responding to a client’s request for proposal. There’s nothing like working on a big RFP response to understand the operations of a firm!

My interest lies in delivering ICT-enabled transformation programs, providing IT strategic advice, portfolio project management and program recovery, driving innovation, and more recently the practice of technology business management. I’m looking forward to working closely with Synergy’s clients in these areas – both in an advisory capacity or by taking a lead role on the delivery of their programs.

I’m also looking forward to working with government agencies and organisations to determine how we can deliver transparency into the workings of their CIO organisation. This includes identifying what drives the cost and value of IT (the black box), and how they can optimise their existing IT portfolio.

It an exciting time to join Synergy. If you’re looking for the next step in your career, I highly recommend having a chat or one of our staff members. Otherwise, feel free to email me at