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Synergy Announces 26 Weeks Paid Parental Leave

We are thrilled to announce our new industry leading Parental Leave Policy providing parents 26 weeks paid flexible leave regardless of gender or length of service at full pay.

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29 September 2022
Synergy Group
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We have recently updated our Parental Leave Policy to provide parents 26 weeks paid flexible leave regardless of gender or length of service at full pay. Investing in our people is a critical part of who Synergy is, our team is our greatest asset: enabling them to be the best they can be, in both their working and personal lives is our priority.

  • 26 weeks paid leave regardless of gender or length of service. 
  • Leave can be taken flexibly within 24 months of child's arrival.
  • Leave includes birth, adoption, surrogacy, foster care and miscarriage.
  • Flexible return to work options.

Synergy’s new Parental Leave policy will give parents more time to spend at home with their children during those irreplaceable early years. No matter gender or length of service, the new policy provides parents with 26 weeks paid leave and signifies Synergy’s commitment to our people and their families. The ability for both parents to access the policy is an acknowledgement of the role both parents play in raising a child.

We recognise that planning a family often happens around the same time as careers start to accelerate and we want to support our Synergites to be able to do both. This new policy reaffirms Synergy’s commitment to support any Synergite who is seeking a rewarding career and a family at the same time, with flexible return to work options and ‘keeping in touch’ days available to keep connection with their team.

Reactions to the new policy are overwhelmingly positive, with one soon-to-be dad saying:

“It really is a game changer for me and my family. We are expecting our first child mid-January, and this new policy means that I can now play a bigger role in caring for our baby and take some of the load off my wife. It also means that my wife doesn’t need to put her career on hold for as long.”

Another team member expressed:

“I’ve always been proud to work at Synergy but today marks an all-time high with the release of the new Parental Leave Policy. The step you have taken addresses one of the primary factors in achieving gender equality and pay parity in Australia. Thank you for taking gender inequality seriously and giving me one more reason to be proud to work at Synergy.”

This industry leading policy is effective from 23 September 2022, available to all current and future full time and part-time permanent employees. The new policy boosts the existing support which Synergy Group provides its team acknowledging the various commitments of parenting through birth, adoption, surrogacy, foster care and miscarriage. The flexibility of the policy empowers team members to use the parental leave to best suit their family.

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