Synergy assists employees study for success – Jonathan Walker
September 25, 2018

At Synergy, we help and support each other to grow. Jonathon Walker is a Senior Manager at Synergy who is balancing study and work to add value to himself personally as well as his clients and colleagues.

I joined Synergy in 2015 and am currently at ANU completing a Master of Applied Data Analytics. Data analytics is a field where the landscape keeps evolving with technological advancements, open source code and the perpetual increases in data. To allow me to pursue excellence in this field Synergy supports me with flexible working arrangements, additional leave and financially. For this, I am exceptionally grateful but more importantly is that my clients and Synergy team all capitalise on this additional knowledge and competency.

This is especially relevant around identifying what is coming next because we leverage this to give superior longer lasting value, for our firm and client base, rather than relying only on the best practices of yesterday and today.

Synergy embraces a culture of continual innovation and learning to ensure that our firm delivers the highest possible client value not just today but into the future as well.

At Synergy, we have an abundance mentality where we share success, are generous with time and knowledge, and support each other to grow. By doing this we all achieve our fullest potential.