Synergy has been the best employer I have ever worked for
July 10, 2017

Erin Quinane – Senior Manager


The Synergy Group is like working as part of one big family. The culture, values and behaviours which everyone breathes and lives by is why Synergy is a wonderful and personal place to work.

The culture is one of the best I’ve seen both as an employee of the company and consulting to many other organisations in our professional services environment.

For me, Synergy has been the best employer that I’ve ever worked for. The supportive culture and work life balance that Synergy provides sets them apart from others. They ‘walk the walk’ meaning you can see the policies and practices in action. For example, they’re incredibly strong on flexible working arrangements; I’m currently doing a PHD and Synergy’s been very supportive of that and have enabled me to do have one day off per week to study.

The supportive attitude Synergy has towards personal development is fantastic. If you want to develop in a certain area, it’s certainly a very open and supportive discussion with the partner group. Personally, they’ve been very kind about me working towards my PHD. The delegated day to study has made a huge difference in balancing out the stress and pressure of working and studying at the same time.

The depth and breadth of skills employees have at Synergy mean you’re constantly learning from the people around you. This makes it easy for individuals to continue to learn and grow because everyone is willing to help each other out.

As a professional service provider, networking plays a huge part in how we build business and maintain positive client relationships at Synergy.

In line with Synergy’s motto – It’s personal; we like to personalise our relationships with our employees, clients and the Canberra community. We work with YouthCare Canberra and help organise fundraising events and we have great partnerships with the Canberra Brumbies and the National Press Club.

Synergy invites clients to the home Brumbies games and National Press Club events as a thank you. At these events, we try not to talk about business and we get to know our clients on a personal level.

This year at Synergy for me is about making sure that I give 100% each day and do a really good job for the client, which is ultimately doing a really good job for the Synergy Group.