“Synergy provides a supportive environment to ensure I can achieve my career objectives.”
June 19, 2017

Jennie Armstrong, Executive Director


I’ve been really fortunate in my career, working with several large organisations in the financial services industry, where I had a variety of roles and my career development was supported. But living in Sydney, with the long commute into the city, I wasn’t able to achieve the work life balance I craved.

I made the move to Canberra in early 2016, after working for a Sydney based financial services organisation for 11 years. I made the switch to Synergy to be able to have more of a work life balance, whilst still having a focus on my career. At Synergy, I can achieve both!

Making the change from a corporate environment in Sydney where I’d been my whole career, to a Canberra based consulting firm was a huge change for me.

Working for Synergy was the change I needed – it gives me the opportunity to continue to progress my career, to learn and develop while getting that work/life balance. I’m now working in a different sector with predominantly federal government clients, which is something that I’d never done before, but I’m given the chance and freedom to translate my skills developed within the financial services industry to help my Commonwealth clients.

Synergy encourages me to undertake courses to build my skills in specific areas, and the non-hierarchical structure is also a real bonus. You’re able to expand your expertise by having the opportunity to work with the partners who are happy to take the time out of their day to help you. This collaborative culture has supported my journey and continues to help me achieve my career objectives.

My goal this year is to continue broadening my Commonwealth experience, continuing to build my client relationships and networks, and continue to leverage off my extensive experience in financial services in developing solutions for my clients.

Synergy’s reflects its mantra ‘it’s personal’ every day in their client relationships to deliver successful and customer centric solutions. The staff value this interpersonal relationship and it’s expected spend time getting to know their clients and their organisations. This means we can build trust with our clients which makes delivering solutions so much easier and relevant.

It’s nice to know that I can make a personal difference to our clients through the work I do every day at Synergy.


If you would like to be involved in a work environment where you can achieve work/life balance and also have your career aspirations supported, I would be more than happy to have a conversation.