Synergy receives Blue Prism 2019 APAC Most Promising Newcomer Award
April 9, 2019

Synergy was honoured to be the recipient of the Blue Prism 2019 APAC Most Promising Newcomer Award, and you may have seen some social media traffic announcing this achievement. This is exciting for the team, and validates the strategy Synergy has followed as we have grown and developed our RPA offering.

Growing the Canberra market

In Canberra RPA has not experienced as quick an uptake as in other areas of the country, with Federal Government keeping an additional layer of caution in place for the onboarding of new technologies. In this regard Synergy has dedicated a lot of time and effort to educating our clients, both in and out of the public sector. Keeping our clients well informed prior to committing to RPA ensures that they are best positioned to make the right choices. Our engagement has been broad, and it is certainly heartening to see the Australian Public Service Commission carefully planning how best to manage RPA as an internal APS skill set, and Synergy has endeavoured to provide the best guidance we can in that regard. A strong RPA market in Canberra benefits all vendors and all partners; there is more latent demand than the Australian RPA market can currently deliver.

Training and skills

Synergy has focused heavily on a training strategy. This has the residual benefit of more strongly enabling the development of our own staff as the RPA team grows. Our own experiences with the training available in the market proved it was sub-optimal, and we settled on producing a residential, intensive RPA training. Synergy is now able to deliver a pure face-to-face training package, which will take someone from a zero state of RPA knowledge to an Advanced level of training in one package. As a result, Synergy has become a Authorised Training Partner (ATP) for Blue Prism. This makes us one of only four ATPs in Australia. Importantly , the focus of our training development has been on effective instructional delivery, and assessment standards that will hold up to national and international certification standards as RPA makes its way into nationally accredited training. On this, we will not compromise.

Joining the Ecosystem.

Blue Prism’s network of partner organisations makes for a dynamic environment. For every technological hurdle, there is a technically driven partner ready to solve it for the ecosystem at large. Synergy has endeavoured to become an active partner within this network, in order to provide benefit to the system as a whole. We are growing relationships with Blue Prism itself, as well as other partners and client organisations.

Synergy is proud to have been identified as the Most Promising Newcomer APAC 2019, and we look forward to making our client’s RPA journeys as successful as they can be.