Synergy supports youth outreach service
December 12, 2016

Zack Bryers, Youth Outreach Worker at YouthCare Canberra


YouthCare Canberra (YCC) is a proactive outreach service specialising in crisis homelessness support and engaging disengaged youth. We’re a flexible, non-judgmental service and we provide afterhours help for anyone in need.

We are grateful that Synergy, as a corporate charity sponsor, helps provide both funding and resources. Synergy partner Patrick Quade is on our board and provides support for the daily operations of YCC, and Jan-Maree Stewart is YCC’s secretary.

We’re a donation-based organisation and don’t receive government funding, so we rely on the generosity of Synergy and others. Synergy is involved in all of the fundraising events that we hold.

One of the first events Synergy was involved in was the 2015 CPA Congress in Canberra, where I was lucky enough to present a speech on the importance of supporting Canberra’s youth. Synergy operated a coffee store with all donations to YCC and provided backpacks filled with essential toiletries and food for homeless youth.

Synergy also played a large part in organising the Stephen Moore Farewell Rugby Dinner recently, where we auctioned off items to raise money. Donations are essential so we can target the kids who need us the most.

Synergy provides the support where we can run events and promote the services we offer. All the events we attend, they’re always there, ready to help.

I think one of our biggest achievements that resonates with Synergy is the fact that we’re a small organisation, there’s two of us, but we’re trying to maximise our bang for our buck. We can have a big reach with the donations provided by Synergy and others and we’re always punching above our weight.

Not only that, but we’re using innovation in our service and flexibility to react to what is needed and fulfil any gaps. It’s also our passion for what we do. There’s a difference in the people you meet who work a “9 to 5” job, compared to people who are doing their dream jobs. That’s what YCC means to Richie and me. We’re doing our dream jobs right now.

I think the long-term goal for YCC is to continue to help in whatever way we can – to help more kids or anyone that needs our assistance – and maintain the relationships we have with other organisations so we can achieve better results.

I’d like to thank Synergy for the support they provide YCC, which in turn, enables Richie and I to continue to assist young people in Canberra. It shows an appreciation for the work we put our hearts into, and knowing that people are willing to help is amazing.

For young people that are in need of our services, they can call my mobile on 0477 032 922, which I try and have on as much as possible. Alternatively, call Richie on 0477 032 020. We’ll try and help any young person in need.

For anyone who’d like further information on the organisation or to donate, visit the YCC website.