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Inter-agency transformation

Hands-on program management, project management, business analysis and advisory services

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Synergy supported a large-scale transformation agenda to improve and modernise services for multiple stakeholder agencies. The project included a foundational ICT build of a CRM, a new client feedback system, improved automation, and the piloting of new ways of doing things to fine tune systems capability.

The result? Better end-to-end digitisation of payments processes and connecting all client-related information.

A team effort

Synergy’s team integrated seamlessly with the department’s existing program team to provide leadership, structure, transparency, accountability and assurance.

Through collaboration with intra- and inter-Agency stakeholders – including senior executives and sponsors – Synergy experts operated in the spirit of openness and cooperation. This approach helped the team manage interdependencies and risks, enabling sound, informed and honest advice.

To streamline and automate business services, Synergy delivered:

·       a foundational ICT build of a CRM to process scheme applications

·       a new client feedback management system, with online access for clients and improved automation and reporting for staff

·       various pilots to trial new approaches to reviews and inform future solutions

·       an improved inbound correspondence solution to streamline incoming postal mail and store client correspondence against a centralised client record

·       expanded workload management to effectively distribute work and provide transparency of workloads in the new ICT systems

·       online claim assistance.

Delivery methods

In support of the transformation goal to develop end-to-end digitisation of payments processes, Synergy applied a mix of traditional delivery and Agile methods. This provided flexibility, transparency and rigour, plus the ongoing demonstration and achievement of business value.

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