If you’re after great work/life balance, then Synergy is for you!
June 26, 2017

Jennie Armstrong, Executive Director

After 20 years spent working in Sydney in the financial services industry where I was not able to get the work/life balance I wanted, I decided to switch to Synergy.

Joining Synergy has allowed me to join a firm with a fantastic culture, enjoy a great work/life balance while continuing to progress my career.

Moving interstate was a really big decision for my family and I. It was quite daunting as we didn’t know many people in Canberra, but Synergy really helped with the transition. The number one thing about Synergy is the people – they made the move much easier because they were so welcoming and the culture is very people centric.

Now, I enjoy working for a local based firm where it only takes me 10-15 minutes to get to work rather than an hour and a half. Synergy is also a company that really values its employees, and is growing very quickly. From a career perspective, this creates a lot of opportunities.

Synergy’s culture differs to traditional accounting and assurance firms in that you don’t have to work long hours to show you’re adding value to the firm; it’s based on the delivery and quality of your work.

Synergy has a fantastic culture; the people are great, they’re very supportive, and they challenge me in the right way.

Synergy has lived up to the work-life balance initially promised. We work hard and deliver quality work during the day, but we have a lot of fun doing it, and to me, that makes a massive difference. We have a lot of social activities that include the family, including the month-end drinks on a Friday, team sporting events such as the Mont 24 mountain bike riding and the Canberra Times Fun Run.

There is also the ‘Heathy Work’ initiative encouraging a healthy lifestyle and I have already participated in the personal training and yoga options that the firm offers. We also have an 8-week challenge coming up! Once again, you’re doing these things with your colleagues and you’re having fun.

Synergy’s flexible work arrangement is also a massive bonus. One of the major benefits of making the switch is the fact that I can go and pick my girls up from school, and see them at assemblies or excursions. I’m not missing out on any important moments. I didn’t have the ability to do these things when I was in Sydney, so Synergy has really delivered the ultimate package.


If you’re looking for a change in your work/life balance, I’m always happy to have a chat to see how Synergy can help you too!