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About Us!

We see the unique strength in everyone and have a culture that is founded in having fun and doing exciting work, together

Young but also seasoned over twenty one years of continuous success and growth our team is large but also personal. Diverse in our capabilities, thinking and backgrounds we come together with different perspectives to create impact.

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Our Values

Grounded yet evolving we are constantly fine tuning our behaviours that make us modern, inclusive, dynamic and leading.
We are potential personified - seeing and maximising our shared potential to learn, grow and make an impact

Fueled by Our Vision and Mission

Dynamic Leaders in Solutions for Government 

Our Mission
To uplift, shape and enable the public sector's ability to anticipate and respond to the big challenges our small country is facing.
Our Vision
To be the most trusted partner to Agencies, relied upon for our capability, capacity and unique insights we bring to deliver on their purpose.

Our History

We grew up in Canberra as a local consultancy focused on meeting the needs of Government.  More than two decades later we are the leader in Government consulting, with offices in Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.  Recognised and valued for our unique understanding of what’s needed and how to get things done in Government, to solve the most complex (or simple!) of national challenges. 

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Diversity and Inclusivity

We are proud to be different, valuing our own, your own and each other’s uniqueness.  We take a proactive approach to seeking out differences and embracing new perspectives.  We understand that our ‘synergy’ is our strength and this strength comes from being proudly different and collaborative.  

We celebrate diversity and support change in all our teams with initiatives such as our Straight Allies network.  Together we work on our Diversity and Inclusivity Committee priorities of connection, gender and sexual orientation, cultural and linguistic, people with disability and valuing different ways of thinking.  

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Partnerships give us the opportunity to have an active and impactful role in our communities.

  • Roundabout Canberra
    Roundabout Canberra provides safe, high-quality essential baby and children's items to families in need through their network of community and not-for-profit organisations.
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Synergy Group's Modern Slavery Statement

Synergy Group are committed to addressing modern slavery in our operations and supply chains. Our modern slavery statement outlines our operations, identifies our types of suppliers, and provides a risk assessment of our current supply chain.

Synergy Group's Modern Slavery Statement