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Discover what's possible at Synergy Group

At Synergy Group, we offer willing veterans the opportunity to explore their potential. Whether you're setting your sights on the next big step in your career, looking to take on a different challenge, or putting down roots - discover the possibilities of your training and skills in the private sector. Take control of your career at Synergy Group.

As a leading Commonwealth consultancy, we feel strongly that it's important to give back. Helping veterans and their families through transition is a great way of achieving this. If you're interested in having a chat with us to see where you could fit in at Synergy Group, email


Be empowered

You are empowered to make decisions, to explore growth opportunities and apply your professional judgement. Talent is recognised and accomplishments celebrated.

Be respected

You are respected for your professional knowledge, your attitude and your strengths. Be a thought leader and have your ideas heard. Shared learnings drive progress.

Grow your career

Growth may be professional or personal. You can learn and grow in whichever way suits your situation. You have access to mentoring, training or support to guide and shape your style.

Flexibility matters

Work and life must find a harmonious balance. Let’s explore what flexibility means for you. Find the best option for your professional and personal circumstances.

People come first. That’s our culture

Delivering results is important to us, but not at the expense of personal wellbeing and having fun. From your first interaction, we invest in you.

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