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Advisory Services designed for the CFO

Our CFO Advisory team deliver best practice CFO services through unique and tailored solutions to suit your current and evolving needs.

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30 January 2023
Synergy Group
2 minutes

Our CFO Advisory team deliver best practice CFO services through unique and tailored solutions to suit your current and evolving needs.

We are the trusted strategic advisors that CFOs partner with to build resilient and robust finance teams, develop financial and sustainability strategies, navigate Commonwealth Budget processes and solve complex financial, budget and business problems. We have extraordinary skills and capabilities within Synergy Group, plus we have incredible breadth and depth in Government CFO and financial services experience.

CFO Advisory is our speciality. Our team monitor industry trends and focus on our services to meet contemporary financial issues. Recent topics include the growing need for intelligence through business analytics, enhanced data and visualization and the evolution to financial business partnering models.

Our CFO clients are facing business issues like all senior executives. Three particular issues facing many CFOs currently are:

  • Lack of "appropriate" resourcing (either not enough, can't attract, not right or not sufficiently qualified/experienced)
  • Need for efficiency, corporate knowledge and standardised practices (Lack in functional foundations resulting from either turnover or inherited substandard practices or Machinery of Government (MoG) changes)
  • Organisational Financial Sustainability (Stemming from years of underinvestment, needing focused Financial Strategy, Funding/budget strategy and/or Financial Management rigour)

In addition to these however, there will always be operational issues landing with the CFO role on a daily basis (this is partly because many CFOs are deputy COOs, or they are righthand to the agency Secretary/CEO, or sometimes it's just because there is a 'number' associated with the issue at hand).

Regardless of the issue to be solved, our CFO Advisory team can assist. Not only can we assist directly through our services, but also through our endless reach back into Synergy Group's many other capabilities (for example - Program Deliver, Audit and Assurance, Digital and Technology, Legal and Procurement, Creative Design and People).

Our CFO Advisory services focus in 5 core areas:

  • Finance Operating Models
  • Financial Strategy
  • Budget Methodologies and Financial Frameworks
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Budget Process Navigation

We have unrivalled skills and experience and can deliver our services on your site or virtually for greater efficiency in the modern and flexible work environment.

Our aim is to enable CFOs deliver a better Government through evidence-based decisions driven through the finance function. We do this through "brining it all together".

Visit our CFO Services for a more detailed breakdown of our CFO Services on offer.

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