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We are celebrating World Quality Week at Synergy Group!

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7 November 2023
Simone Knight - Executive Director
5 minutes

We are celebrating World Quality Week at Synergy Group!

World Quality Week falls on 6 to 10 November 2023 and is a global campaign led by CQI to champion EXCELLENCE in product, service and organisational performance. World Quality Week raises awareness of the quality management profession, and this year, we focus on the theme of Realising your Competitive Potential.

Quality management is the cornerstone of ACCELERATING effective delivery. Whether your organisation achieves outcomes for Government or delivers products or services, operating within a quality framework provides a level of assurance that you are meeting your stakeholder and customer expectations.

Quality management principles and methods can help organisations quickly and effectively address inherent inefficiencies, allowing them to meet changing expectations faster, and more economically while driving continual improvement for sustained business success.

Compliance and effective risk management remain fundamental, but if you want EXCELLENCE in value, productive processes and effective strategic change, you must develop a quality culture. Enhancing quality culture involves changing behaviours to focus on operations through the customer lens and continuous improvement. Quality management is much more than meeting standards and passing audits. Quality professionals are expert business partners who can assist organisations to achieve improvements in business operations by aligning with international best practice principles.



Everybody knows that governance is a necessary means of control in organisations. Governance mechanisms and practices provide the framework that ensures alignment of priorities, consistency in application, engagement with risk, transparency and accountability. But sometimes, these layers of governance may seem like extra layers of bureaucracy that contribute little benefit or slow things down (until something goes wrong and everyone asks what controls were in place). Operationalising your governance framework through a quality lens will ensure that governance practices are meaningful and provide true value confidence in your business operations.



In the current environment, organisations need to prioritise where effort is focused and invested. A quality framework will assist an organisation to identify its appetite for risk and its approach to managing risk and taking advantage of the opportunity. Prioritisation of improvement initiatives according to risk exposure will help the Executive and Senior Management to gain confidence in the policies, processes and procedures of the organisation, while providing a clear vision for the future.



At the Federal Government level, the PGPA Act stipulates that entities must implement a system of internal control. A quality framework implemented effectively will meet this obligation with meaningful benefits, including supporting the entity to produce quality outcomes, increased levels of performance, improvements in efficiency and effectiveness, enhanced reputation, well-targeted assurance activities and mitigation of the risk of adverse audit findings. It will also assist to demonstrate efficient use of public funds and value for money for expenditure and resource allocation.

Do you want to ACCELERATE your organisation's performance and deliver EXCELLENT outcomes, products and services? Let Synergy Group help you to EXCEL-ERATE QUALITY in your organisation.

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