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Synergy Law & The Girls Leadership Network

Synergy Group is passionate about and committed to giving back to our community. Our Synergy Law Team do this by partnering with organisations in our community to provide support by way of pro bono legal advice and services, but also getting involved in their core business activities.  

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14 September 2022
Synergy Law
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Synergy Law has a few great pro bono partnerships, including with The Girls Leadership Network (TGLN). TGLN is a non-profit, Australia-based initiative designed to encourage young leaders to dream, believe and achieve. Their core program consists of a series of interactive leadership workshops each year, featuring inspiring speakers, industry movers and shakers, politicians and much more.  

Two of our lawyers, Alexandra Holland and Laura Lay, have had the opportunity to participate in one of the TGLN workshops, the Speed Networking session. This workshop aims to provide the participants with the opportunity to connect with people in their community, make networks that will help them break into their chosen fields, and gain valuable knowledge. It is usually many of the participants’ first time networking, so it’s a great opportunity to boost their confidence in having networking conversations and show them how easy it can be.  

For Alex, the best part of this networking session was that it allows the girls to practice networking for the first time in a low pressure and safe environment, which then takes the pressure off for their first “real” networking event in the future. It is something she would have valued having the opportunity to do when she was that age.  

For Laura, it was wonderful to see that there was curiosity shown from the girls for a range of experiences and topics, from making decisions regarding university and further education, to the different areas of law that lawyers can work in. It reminded Laura that everyone’s professional journey starts off somewhere and that having a supportive network around you is extremely valuable. 

Workshops such as the Speed Networking session are an integral part of the TGLN program. Synergy Law is excited to continue its partnership with TGLN and looks forward to being involved in their future initiatives.  

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