Meet Our Board

Synergy Group has established a formal corporate board and governance charter that defines the roles of shareholders, the Board, the CEO and the Partnership group.


The Board's Governance Framework

Synergy Group has operationalised a formal governance framework that is principles-based and designed to balance the hybrid structure combining our legal corporate structure with the operational partnership structure of a professional services firm. The following governance principles guide the running of our business.

Synergy Group's General Goverance Principles

Our Governance Principles guide our thinking around our business and our operations.

We trust our team are engaged, are motivated to do the right thing and act in the best interests of Synergy Group, its people and its clients.
Autonomy and Empowerment
We maximise the empowerment of our team allowing them to work to their full potential within our governance and delegation frameworks.
Agility and Accountability
Governance and delegations are principle and target based rather than perscriptive, allowing us to operate in a decisive and agile manner while being fully accountable for our actions.
Communications and Clarity
Communicating the governance and delegation frameworks to our team provides clarity on how the business is run and authorities and accountabilities necessary for the efficient and effective operation of the business.
Guiding our decisions

Board Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct gives us a clear outline of what is expected of us, defining what is and isn't considered appropriate practice at Synergy Group.