Organisational Analysis Case Study
December 3, 2018

Synergy was recently engaged by a state government agency to assess current organisational capabilities, co-design an organisational future state and conduct of a high-level gap analysis to scope areas that require immediate attention. The project involved:

  • Working closely with the CEO and senior executives to understand the challenges facing the organisation.
  • Interviewing 26 staff members, conducting a leadership team “focus-group” and deploying an all staff survey to effectively collect data regarding current organisational capabilities.
  • Using quantitative and qualitative research methods, analysing and interpreting data to identify organisational capability gaps.
  • Developing recommendations which included addressing critical gaps such as:
    • refining and communicating the organisation’s strategy;
    • creating greater alignment between the Board and the executive team;
    • developing leadership capability of senior managers;
    • Establishing workflow processes and implementing systems to improve information sharing between groups;
    • Addressing the underperformance of staff who are adversely impacting organisational culture.
  • Presenting key findings and recommendations to the CEO and Board of Directors.
  • Providing ongoing advisory services for the CEO and project teams.

The result of the engagement was the state government agency’s board endorsing an action plan based on our recommendations and committing to monitoring organisational performance through a bi-annual survey process.