July 11, 2019

Synergy recently recognised the promotion of nine Synergites. At Synergy, ‘it’s personal’ and we are devoted to providing development and career progression opportunities to all our staff. We would like to congratulate the following Synergites on their recent promotions.


Ashleigh Tosic

Ashleigh Tosic has only been in her current role for a few months but has been working throughout Synergy for 2 and a half years. She is passionate, efficient and diligent in her work and always has been. She is loved for her work by her clients and colleagues and it is a no-brainer that Ashleigh is a well-deserving recipient of a promotion from Consultant to Senior Consultant.


Beau Beckman

The constant entrepreneurial spirit displayed by Beau Beckman has led to the development of key client relationships throughout Melbourne and Canberra. Beau is a fantastic Synergite and whether it is for the energy he brings to his work or his majestic beard, he is well known throughout the community. His promotion to Senior Manager is a fantastic recognition of the efforts he has taken over the last twelve months to continue his learning and development.


Conor Hickey

Conor Hickey has been promoted to Senior Consultant. Conor joined Synergy last year and through his desire to contribute he has proved to be an invaluable colleague. He is a positive source of humour and this promotion resembles the effort he has taken in his personal learning and development and the contributions he has made throughout Synergy.


Erin Collett

Erin Collett is the first every promotion from our Creative and Design team. She is a quirky and influential young woman who is incredibly creative in everything she does. Erin has weathered some storms over the last year in her transition to consulting yet has arisen an even stronger leader and role model for her team. Erin has displayed her talents through some incredible work since commencing at Synergy and as a result has been promoted to Senior Creative Manager.


James Smith     

James Smith has had a massive contribution in the development of a positive team culture and strengthened communications within Synergy’s Digital and Technology practice. He has installed a culture that the team is proud of and helped bring new capabilities to the practice. James has been with Synergy since 2015 and is well deserving of his promotion to Senior Manager.


Martin Riddell  

Martin Riddell from Synergy’s Governance, Risk and Assurance capability has been promoted to Senior Manager. His day-to-day work ethic displayed since commencing at Synergy in 2017 has helped him gain a strong reputation within his team and throughout the firm. Martin is a cornerstone of the practice and continually gets his work done to the highest standard.


Milton Chen

Milton has worked at Synergy for less than two years nevertheless everyone knows Milton and Milton loves everyone. This reputation has been integral to his success with his biggest impact being his presence. The Governance, Risk and Assurance team has undergone change over the past year and Milton has played a massive role in guiding the team through this change; Milton has been promoted to Senior Manager.


Richard O’Connor

Richard O’Connor moved to Synergy from Melbourne last year and within this short period has helped develop the leadership within Synergy’s Governance, Risk and Assurance (GRA) practice. Richard has displayed a wide range of skills and has been promoted to Executive Director to help lead the development of the GRA’s capability


Scott Stephens

Scott Stephens joined Synergy last year, undertaking a role in the emerging field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), with our Digital and Technology practice. Scott has been a pillar to the RPA team, an invaluable team player and has played a large part in the development of this practice. He has also helped strengthen Synergy’s relationship with Soldier On and was key to the completion of Synergy’s most successful Next steps campaign yet. Congratulation to Scott on his promotion to Senior Manager.