Starting at Synergy…
May 11, 2018

I have been working with Synergy as an Audit Manager within the Governance, Risk and Assurance Services stream for just over seven months now. My role primarily involves providing internal auditing services to government departments.

I have been fortunate in my career, working with a number of APS agencies including the ANAO, the former Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations, and the Department of Industry. It was a significant change and challenge for me to make the switch from the APS to a private consulting firm. At first, I was somewhat uncertain, a bit nervous, and a bit anxious.

When I first started at Synergy, I attended the Synergy Induction Day held at the East Hotel Kingston. It provided me with an overview of Synergy, the administration processes, the lines of business, and an opportunity to spend time with my new colleagues, the Partners and the Executive Directors. As part of the Induction Day, my wife and I were invited to a dinner at the Water’s Edge restaurant, Parkes to celebrate joining the Synergy Family. This was a personal introduction to Synergy which made me feel immediately welcomed and this feeling continued when I attended a two-day Synergy Business and Team Leader Program at Thredbo.  Together we climbed mountains, had fun and honed our management skills.  All of this made me feel part of a friendly and high performing team.

Synergy is very committed to being a fun and professional firm. Working for Synergy provides me with many opportunities to strengthen and enhance my experience in auditing, financial accounting  along with the opportunity to learn, develop and build my knowledge and skill set in the consulting world. I have been fortunate to attend the Internal Audit Forum along with other ISACA events and other professional development initiatives supported by Synergy.

Synergy embraces a positive culture that is professional, collaborative and supportive. I feel privileged to be able to come to work every day feeling motivated and surrounded by a bunch of positive and motivated professionals.  At Synergy, it’s ‘personal’ – is at the centre and front of its culture. Synergy values it’s staff as their number one priority. Synergy invests a significant amount of time and resource into employee development and creating opportunities for employees to work in an environment that is aligned with the expectation of both the individual and Synergy. The approach is tailored to individual needs and hence it is ‘personal’. Synergy delivers effective professional services to our clients through tailored, value add and customer centric solutions. Synergy staff spend time getting to know our clients and obtaining in-depth understanding of their organisations, striving to be the ‘trusted advisor’ and their ‘business partner’.

Since my commencement with Synergy, I have been provided with a ‘work buddy’.  This supportive and collaborative culture and approach has greatly helped my journey and allowed a smooth transition to Synergy.

My goal this year is to continue broadening my experience in the consulting world whilst also further building productive client relationships, my knowledge, experience and skills in internal audit services.

If you would like to join me and the team in a work environment with a great culture, supported by a bunch of great professionals, where you can achieve a desired work/life balance; express your interest through email ( or phone 02 6260 7477 today!

Milton Chen