Strategic Sourcing

Taking an integrated and strategic approach to procurement.
Taking an integrated and strategic approach to procurement is critical to a successful program.

Synergy Group has a proven approach and framework that encompasses all aspects of the strategic sourcing lifecycle. Our client centric and integrated framework has been developed utilising best practice procurement methodologies, trends and practices. It is designed to be used in either a standalone capacity or tailored to incorporate and enhance existing procurement frameworks.

Our approach begins by truly understanding the business requirement. We invest effort into discovering and understanding the business's strategic and operational requirements. This intelligence is then applied across our framework to ensure the right services, people and products are sourced, at the right time and at the best possible price.

While maintaining a holistic viewpoint, each element within our strategic sourcing framework can be implemented individually and tailored to the specific requirements of individual clients. Each element within the framework draws on established practices, tools and techniques to maximise value and deliver high quality services.

Our strategic sourcing framework and associated tools have been developed and refined over the past 20 years as we have advised and implemented procurement processes and management practices across government and large organisation environments. It has been improved by each assignment and by the knowledge we have gained through our association with a number of international associations.

We are a trusted adviser to our clients and provider of choice for end-to-end procurement and contract management service. We are experts in coordinating the overall procurement process. During each stage, we draw upon our Technical, Financial and Management Subject Matter Experts to ensure that end-user needs are appropriately met and a fit-for-purpose solution is delivered.

Synergy Group is experienced in delivering Evaluation and Probity training in the lead up, and during large-scale and complex procurement activities, as well as coordinating the facilitation of other more technical workshops through the sourcing lifecycle.