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Susanne and George Promoted to Partner

We are celebrating the appointment of two new Synergy Group Partners, Susanne Kennedy and George Hlaing.

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5 August 2022
Toni Marzulli | CEO Synergy Group
2 minutes

Synergy Group is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Partners, Susanne Kennedy and George Hlaing. Promoting Susanne and George takes our partnership to 15.

We have been a firm who leverage a growth mindset from our inception in 1999. In the past 10 years, we have grown from a team of 50 to a firm of over 600. Our growth is underpinned by our people and our values. We harness a culture that enables our team members to play with impact. Our people are our stars. Career progression within the firm, but particularly at the partnership level, is very important to us at Synergy Group and will continue to be as we grow.

Susanne and George are two members of the Synergy team who are being rewarded for the impact they have made with our clients and Synergy team since commencing with the firm in early 2021. Susanne and George did not take long in their respective consulting endeavours to establish themselves, their teams and Synergy Group, as trusted leaders.

George will join Partners Matthew Watkins and Josh Ryan to continue to grow and mature Synergy’s Digital Service offering.

George has a great leadership style. He has a people-first approach with a strong focus on solving process, data and technology problems. He is highly capable and provides frank and fearless advice to our clients. He is genuine and authentic: always displaying Synergy values when leading his team. We are excited to work with him at the Partner level.

"During my time at Synergy I have been able to inspire and be inspired by the clients that I work with. I am very proud to be promoted to Partner and I am looking forward to stepping into my new role and, together with my fellow Synergites, continuing to create a meaningful impact for a greater good." - George Hlaing

Susanne will join Partner Phil Toole in continuing to mature and grow Synergy’s Assurance offerings. 

Susanne has the unique ability to revel in complex client issues. Drawing on her vast experience and practical understanding, Susanne navigates the solution with a creative and diverse approach. She has a strong commitment to the delivery of high-quality outcomes for her clients, encapsulating Synergy’s 'It’s Personal' value with every encounter. We know Susanne will contribute a wealth of success to Synergy’s Assurance offering, with the complete support of her team, her clients and the Partnership.

"I’m extremely proud to be joining the Synergy partnership. Synergy has given me the opportunity to explore new and innovative ways to solve complex problems. I’m passionate about identifying opportunities to improve outcomes for government around citizen centricity. I look forward to working with the leadership team to continue to bring the best of Synergy." - Susanne Kennedy

We congratulate both George and Susanne on a significant career milestone and look forward to their contribution to Synergy Group’s future success as Partners.

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