December 13, 2018

Synergy recently recognised the promotion of eleven Synergites. This brings the total amount of promotions of Synergites for the year to 20, illustrating our dedication to providing career progression opportunities throughout Synergy. Everyone mentioned below has shown a dedication to their own professional development and we would like to congratulate them all on their promotions.


Deniz Gurpinar – Performance and Financial Management

Deniz has 6 years’ experience in a tax accounting practice where he gained strong client liaison and management skills. Key responsibilities included the preparation of business and individual tax returns. ​

After recently joining Synergy, Deniz has worked on various performance and financial management capability projects, including a Capital Management Plan for a major client, where he modelled the intangible asset base. He also undertook a multi-staged feasibility assessment for a client’s existing lease arrangements for their Symonston facility.  ​


Emma Dang – Audit

Having joined the firm in June, Emma has quickly settled into her new role and demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for audit.  Emma is a quiet achiever and a pleasure to have in the team and is well deserving of her promotion.


Gerard Irvine – Strategy, Defence and National Security

Gerard was in the Australian Army for 14 years and since making his transition to Synergy has become a valued member to all of Synergy. Gerard has drawn from his experience in Defence to hone his stakeholder management and business analysis skills as a consultant. Gerard is able to work in highly complex, demanding and ambiguous environments while remaining outcome focused, impressing clients.

Aside from client facing work, Gerard has been a valued member to the Synergy team. Gerard was a key member throughout our first Veteran’s Assessment Centre run earlier this year. Since then he has taken his initiative to improve office culture often outside of his work hours.


Kate Kirk – Program Delivery

Kate spent a year impressing our Defence client with communications advice and established a communications centre to showcase and educate stakeholders about the project’s business process modelling – an initiative that was then released across Defence.

Then keen to discover the environments and challenges of other agencies she moved on to deliver change management advice and planning at Home Affairs where she’s excelled at stakeholder engagement, facilitation and quickly become a trusted advisor to her stakeholders. Kate was the project manager for our recent veteran’s assessment centre, a role which Kate prospered in and lead to the successful recruitment of many veterans. Kate is passionate about developing her management skills and with boldness has taken new staff under her wing, striking the right balance between providing support, direction and autonomy to their role.


Luke Urquhart – Strategy, Defence and National Security

Prior to joining synergy, Luke was employed by objective corporation as a technical consultant. In this role Luke undertook a range of technical installation work and project support to a number of Defence projects, where he was able to use his 8 years in Defence to demonstrate his value and experience. ​

At Synergy, Luke has established himself as a professional and motivated team member with a strong focus on people and client satisfaction. Luke is an experienced problem solver with a wide range of skills in areas such as software and specification analysis, system architecture and design, ICT security, systems administration, data analysis, business process analysis and training.


Maddison Turner – Audit

Maddi is a great success for Synergy, she was our first ever professional services staff member to join us as a graduate.  Maddi has grown into a high skilled and confident auditor with broad skills across external and internal audit as well as being a sought-after team member on multiple engagements.  We look forward to seeing Maddi continue to expand her skills and grow her career together with us.


Naomi Hill – Program Delivery

Naomi has progressed in her career from a highly skilled communications and design professional to deeper knowledge, qualifications and experience in change management. Currently Naomi is working with Joint Service teams within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to embed culture change and increase adoption of the ADF’s Total Workforce Model. Naomi has demonstrated excellence and great leadership in her commitment to deepening her consulting skillset, from team work and collaboration through to business development.


Neil Dawson – Performance and Financial Management

Neil is a chartered accountant with over 8 years of both private and public sector financial management and consulting experience. His adaptability, investigative and problem solving skillset, coupled with his outstanding technical knowledge ensures his clients’ achieve their objectives.

Neil specializes in management and cost accounting, with his ability to analyse and prepare high quality financial models, business cases, forecasts, management reports, budgets and financial statements, being invaluable in assisting his clients make strategic and operational decisions.

Neil combines his management accounting and reporting expertise with his data analytics and dashboard design skillset, to prepare informative and interactive reporting dashboards to streamline and enhance insight to executives.


​Ronan Kaplan – Strategy, Defence and National Security

Ronan has eight years of experience in Government, consulting and the national security sphere. Ronan has worked with the highest levels of decision makers in Defence and has helped development key Defence strategy and strategic policies. Ronan is particularly skilled in business strategy, international strategy, strategic decision-making exercise development and administration, business process management, and national security.

Since commencing at Synergy in July last year, Ronan has had a significant impact on the growth and development of our Strategy, Defence and National Security capability. Ronan developed the security training regime for Synergy and is the lead stakeholder for a number of high profile Commonwealth engagements.


Angie Glance – Program Delivery

Angie joined Synergy from the APS and very quickly demonstrated her ability to think and act as a consultant. She was an integral part of Synergy’s first user experience-led engagement at a major client, and has led several internal firm-wide initiatives. Since joining in early 2018, she has also demonstrated the ability to identify new opportunities and convert these into active interest shown by our clients.


Steve Aitkin – Performance and Financial Management

Steven has been providing accounting and financial consulting services to both the public and private sectors for over a decade.  Steven joined Synergy in 2010, bringing a wealth of international experience in financial processing and financial management to the organisation. Steven’s clients include Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Department of Defence and Department of Health, where he has managed the project accounting for a program of work, assisted in the e-Doc project and business planning activities.

Prior to joining Synergy, Steven spent 10 years working for Whistler Blackcomb Resorts Limited in Canada starting as a Junior Accountant and being promoted to Senior Accountant within two years. Steven facilitated outstanding business process improvement, financial statement preparation, accounts receivable and internal revenue audit. Steven’s background encompasses business management, retail management, training, mentoring and extensive stakeholder management.