Todd Tucker presents at Synergy’s CIO event
September 7, 2017

Matthew Watkins, Executive Director


It’s a little over four years since I was introduced to the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) – a structured technique that has helped numerous companies across various industries realise the full potential of technology innovation and optimise their investment in ICT.

It’s through TBM that my eyes were opened to the untapped potential which exists inside CIO organisations. As it turns out, it’s typically 10-30% of operational expenditure in inefficiencies.

TBM has taken activity based costing, applied it to the ICT enterprise, and overlaid the result with a standard way of measuring both ICT financial and performance information through the TBM Taxonomy. Consequently, when enabled with appropriate techniques, tools and reporting, TBM provides a mechanism to realise significant value in the operations of an ICT organisation.

Four years on and we have taken the TBM principles and disciplines and applied them to in a whole-of-organisation context to provide an end-to-end model of enterprise performance.

It’s also through TBM that I was introduced to the TBM Council. The TBM Council was established by global CIOs to promote the practice of TBM. The Council also owns the TBM Taxonomy (now an industry standard) and has become the de-facto body for obtaining TBM Certification.

While attending one of their annual TBM Summits, I was first introduced to Todd Tucker – TBM Council Vice President and author of ‘Technology Business Management: The Four Value Conversations CIOs Must Have With Their Businesses’.

I discovered that Todd had worked on the US Federal IT COST Commission Report which was released over a year ago and is now being implemented by the US Government.

The US Federal Commission on IT Cost, Opportunity, Strategy, and Transparency was a CIO advisory council comprised of CIOs and IT leaders from many of the world’s largest organisations and their US Federal agency peers. The report they produced has 21 key recommendations for agency CIOs and federal leaders. It’s definitely worth a read if you are a CIO, CFO or just generally interested in performance management.

Recently , our own Digital Transformation Agency released a report of the ICT Procurement Taskforce. In it, the taskforce “considers that ‘more of the same’ will not improve ICT procurement outcomes for government” and “there is an urgent need for stronger controls to be applied, at least in the medium-term, if ICT procurement is to contribute to achievement of the government’s digital transformation agenda”.

In reading the report and its recommendations, I noticed similarities with the US experience. It seemed timely, therefore, that I proposed to host a closed-door session for CIOs and CFOs.

I’m pleased to announce that Todd, as part of an event run by Synergy, will be presenting on the US Federal IT COST Commission Report on 11 September 2017.

His presentation will focus on report recommendations, insights on lessons learned to date, as well as applicability to the whole-of-enterprise performance management.

Synergy will also contrast Todd’s presentation against the implications of the ICT Procurement Taskforce Report to determine how we can learn from the US experience to deliver on the Taskforce’s recommendations.

It feels serendipitous – like the right solution is available at the right time to a problem every government department in Australia now has.

I’m looking forward to listening to Todd’s  presentation and participating in the discussions on the day.

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