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We’re all better, when they’re boarding

Synergy's Creative team took on Gruen’s Pitch for the fourth time, convincing Australia that all kids should go to boarding school ... and they won!

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We're all better when they're boarding
21 October 2021
Synergy Group
2 minutes

As we find ourselves madly preparing for finally returning to schools, and while our kids are still struggling to find the mute button, both in online school and real life, the brief from ABC’s The Pitch on Gruen could not have come at a better time.

Invited back to Gruen for the fourth time, our creativeXpeople at Synergy Group were briefed to sell the unsellable and convince Australia that all kids must go to boarding school.

“Between online school, endless piles of washing, Zoom meetings, and everything else life throws at us, we aren’t our best selves, when we’re every self. Our approach was to create an emotive, slightly stress provoking ad, that reminded us of the complications of juggling it all, and how we can step back and be the best version of ourselves. It was important for us not to just go to the low hanging fruit, but to really think about this as if it were real. How could we really convince parents who would really miss their kids? We wanted to find the real human connection in this story – and make an emotional connection. For any good advertising, or story at all, it’s about resonance” Says Creative Director, Jason Perelson.

Synergy’s creativeXpeople practice have the distinct honour of being the only Canberra creative team to represent the city on one of television’s most watched programs. Taking home their third Gruen trophy, the team were met with praise from the industry judging panel with Chief Strategy Office of BMF Australia, Christina Aventi remarking that it was “absolutely resonant”, with Creative Director, Karen Ferry adding that she “really loved the craft.”

Watch the ad below.

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