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Auditing from A to Z

As the sole provider of internal audit services for a government agency, Synergy has developed a long-term strategic view of the issues facing the organisation.

Beyond Compliance
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Working with a major scientific and data agency for five years, Synergy has provided audit, fraud and risk services.

Internal auditing for systems, processes and operations have covered cybersecurity, business continuity planning, financial controls, data licensing, and records management. Synergy also delivered strategic risk workshops to the executive.

Breadth and depth

Drawing on Synergy’s breadth of experience across advisory, digital and financial topics, internal audits have occurred across the spectrum of the agency’s scientific and corporate operations, processes and systems. These are just some of the audits and reviews undertaken:

  • Cybersecurity audit
  • Various program audits
  • Annual performance statement reporting
  • Business continuity planning
  • Notifiable Data Breach (Privacy) Scheme
  • Electronic Document and Records Management System audit
  • Data Licensing and Creative Commons
  • Time recording and leave management
  • Financial controls
  • Recruitment processes
  • Physical security – collection
  • Major contract – procurement
  • Multi-use panels and contract management.

Beyond audits, Synergy successfully conducted strategic risk workshops with all executive officers, including the CEO. This led to significant changes in the way risks were identified and managed throughout the agency. Synergy also provided fraud and forensic services.

A partnership

All of Synergy’s reviews, audits and training exercises have required significant engagement with the agency’s senior and executive management.

This level of engagement, as well as the longer-term commitment as a sole provider, has enabled Synergy a strategic view of the broader challenges and issues facing the agency – providing invaluable insights when tackling complex, technical audit topics.

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