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Behavioural shift towards a positive security culture

Rethinking Work
Synergy Group
5 minutes

When the Department of Environment and Energy needed to motivate staff behaviour towards a positive security culture, they had to think outside the square of traditional messaging.

“Understanding the human side of a problem is at the core of our approach,” says Jason Perelson, Creative Director.

After engaging closely with teams on the ground through workshops, cocreation and insight gathering to understand the Department’s culture – the concept flowed from there.

“With a Department filled with people who aim to protect the environment, it is clearly in their nature to protect,” says Jason. “The shift from seeing security as compliance, to security as protection, became a behavioural trigger, and applying it to the natural world became the vehicle.”

Working across a multidisciplinary team, Synergy Group worked closely with the Department to develop internal communication messaging, frameworks, security training and products, as well as strategies to embed positive protective security practices into day-to-day operations within the Department.

Internal messaging can still be fun

Clever strategy combined with creative messaging and delivery made a seemingly uninspiring message into something fun and engaging that worked to shift behaviours in a meaningful way.

“We developed a suite of internal campaign materials that are quirky and interesting using Australian natives and their innate defence mechanisms. This related back to the security behaviours we hoped to achieve within the Department.


The task: Adopt Protective Security Framework measures across the Department.

The result: Relevant, catchy and scalable internal communication campaign, reflecting the very culture of the Department. A talking point and a trigger for real behaviour change.

Winner: ‘Security is in our nature’ campaign wins 2019 Clear Communications Award for the Public Sector category.