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Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group Quality Management System

Synergy has been engaged to work with the Group to improve the effectiveness of its Quality Management System (QMS) and to manage the Group’s quality Audit and Assurance Program.

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Improving management systems

The focus of the improvement project is to put in place robust, best practice business policies, processes and procedures that support the Group to achieve quality outcomes. The project has initially dived deeply into the roles of Functional policy and process owners in the QMS. Gaps and opportunities have been identified and analysed for potential benefit to the organisation weighted against cost. Future work packages will include assisting the organisation to embed a consistent and streamlined approach to meeting quality requirements. 

To support the QMS in the Group, Synergy has managed the QMS Audit and Assurance Program since early 2020.  The Program has three arms: 

  1. Coordinating and overseeing the external audits conducted by the ISO 9001:2015 certifiers, and managing findings and recommendations resulting from those activities  

  1. Planning and undertaking internal quality audits throughout the Group, including central monitoring and oversight of corrective actions, and 

  1. Overseeing the quality audits undertaken within business units across the Group, including central monitoring and oversight of corrective actions. 


What are the benefits?
  • A fit for purpose QMS for the Group that focuses on the effectiveness of policies and processes set centrally and used across the Group. 

  • A QMS that has a close, tangible link to supporting the organisation to achieving its quality objectives and improving the quality of its outputs. 

  • Accountabilities and responsibilities for quality in the organisation are clear and well understood. 

  • The emphasis on achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification for the QMS has been lessened, focusing instead on robust, best practice operations. Certification to an internationally recognised standard is a positive by-product of improved operations, and certification has benefits in terms of addressing risks, providing assurance and maintaining reputation.  

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