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CLC BMS/Modelpedia and Website Support

Defence Industry
Gerard Irvine, Andrew Langler, Colin Hoekstra, Harneet Dhindsa
5 minutes

The project intent was to increase the usefulness and visibility of Capability Management information, across Defence. The developed solution required the reimaging and re-engineering of the IPMB CLC BMS and SharePoint Intranet, to provide ease of access; to up-to-date and useful Capability Management information. Both systems were unmaintained, missing important information and difficult to navigate, which required significant work to bring back to an acceptable level.

The development of these systems were supported by a change approach that focused on the integration of the BMS and the uptake of internal ownership for the branch SharePoint as a marketing and communication tool.

The approach and narrative were supported by practical support material to help Defence to understand the concept, undertake training and utilise the content.



The success of the project has been measured by several metrics, that previously had not been measured. These are:

  • Site visits BMS
  • Site visits SharePoint
  • Number of IRs
  • Customer Satisfaction


Skillsets Required:
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Process Modelling
  • SharePoint Development
  • Communications
  • Data analytics
  • Creative and Design


Benefit to the Agency (Outcome achieved):
  • The delivery of this project has contributed to substantial increases across all measurements and has updated the way the organisation interacts and integrates information.
  • Our project was the first area of Defence to develop and utilise digital policy, that was cross-linked across multiple groups/services. Integration at the process level was also pursued, with major library areas such as the Air Force, Army and CASG agreeing to link to our content.
  • The branch in which we have been tasked has also had fundamental shifts in the way they interpret interactions with their audience. The branch is now pursuing a customer-centric approach which will enable better forms of communication and information dissemination.