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Integrity of government payments

A long-term partner in timely, collaborative reviews and audits of essential systems for services for all Australians.

Beyond Compliance
Synergy Group
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Synergy Group tailors each audit plan together with Services Australia’s internal audit team – to guide the methodology and capture desired audit outcomes.

“We’re familiar with navigating complex stakeholder environments and delivering high value audits,” says Phil Toole, Partner Governance Risk and Assurance. “Our recommendations are practical within the Commonwealth Government context.”

The Synergy Group team acts as an internal audit partner, rather than a service delivery contractor. It’s this partnership that results in a ‘no surprises’ approach and a close working relationship.

Internal audit and assurance

Since 2014, Synergy Group has provided assurance across all key areas of Services Australia.

“We have covered all of the departmental strategic risks over the years, which include delivering and maintaining integrity of payments, engaging with Australians to deliver on Government priorities, maintaining a safe environment, protecting information from unauthorised access, and failing to innovate,” says Phil.

One focus of Services Australia’s internal audit plan is the accurate and timely processing of welfare payments as well as ensuring projects support ongoing innovation in service delivery.

“Synergy Group has successfully delivered reviews of payment integrity including in the core payments of Medicare, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme as well as review of other Services Australia payments.   We have also reviewed several significant changes to the payment systems as ongoing project assurance reviews. In performing these reviews we are assessing processes and supporting systems that ensure welfare payments are paid accurately and in a timely manner, to the those who are entitled.

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