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Modern visual analytics

A new system architecture, processes and tools resulted in an impressive end-to-end executive dashboard solution

Data Portability
5 minutes

When a government agency’s internal management reporting processes were heavily reliant on manual data extraction and report preparation, executive reports became difficult to consume – with errors and out-of-date information.

Synergy implemented a modern visual analytics approach to internal corporate reporting.

Timely and consistent reporting

For time-poor executives, wading through pages and pages of reports – with errors – was burdensome.

Synergy worked closely with the agency’s finance, people and ICT teams to implement a new reporting methodology, which would reduce manual data entry through more automated processes.

First, the team developed proof of concept dashboards to demonstrate the value and feasibility of this type of reporting. Next, a scope and approach for a dashboard implementation project was provided to executive for consideration.

Once approved, Synergy set to work on improving the automation processes for manual entry of data and developed the system architecture for an end-to-end dashboard solution.

Automated processes were also established for extracting data from the relevant source systems.

A successful build

Synergy’s expert digital team built the production dashboard solution and documented the supporting processes. After testing, these were handed over to agency staff for ongoing maintenance and updates.

The agency’s executive, including the CEO, have since found the dashboards more effective for corporate reporting and decision-making.

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