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MyHR self-service eases helpdesk reliance

Costly HR helpdesk support for common staff issues and enquiries resolved by intuitive self-service site

Rethinking Work
Digital & Technology
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Following a Machinery of Government change, a large government department knew that common HR issues could be more efficiently resolved on their self-serve site, MyHR.

Synergy undertook a redesign for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience. Once launched, the new system saw an increase in site engagement and the average search success increased from 30% to 80%.


The department already had a one-stop-shop for all HR information. However, not all users could find what they needed, resulting in calls and emails to the HR team.

Discovery activities found there were several pain points in the user experience, including a counter-intuitive information architecture, HR-centric terminology and a poor search function. The system needed a redesign.

UX input

Synergy followed the Digital Transformation Agency’s (DTA) service design and delivery process, recruiting more than 75 staff from across the department to participate in user experience research.

The user research and usability testing activities were designed to ensure the final result for the platform reflected the diversity of the department’s workforce.

Agile scrum and Kanban methodologies were used in the lead up to beta launch.

A shining example

Once the new MyHR system was launched, site engagement increased by up to three times previous user stats.

Site navigation also improved significantly, with average search success increasing from 30% to 80%. This was accompanied by a decrease in average search times for common HR enquiries.

The success of this project was recognised by the DTA, and the Mandarin, as an exemplar of the application of the Australian Government’s Digital Standard.

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