YouthCARE Canberra boosted by Synergy
July 27, 2016

Cameron Lynch, Senior Manager


At Synergy, we are passionate about giving back to the Canberra community.

Whether it’s by participating in committees, providing pro-bono services, donating to a worthwhile cause or through corporate sponsorships, all Synergites are encouraged to be an active part of the community that supports us.

In 2015, Synergy made the decision to increase our social responsibility endeavours and entered into a long term collaborative partnership with YouthCARE Canberra (YCC).

On any given night, hundreds of young people in Canberra are homeless. Some ‘couch-surf’ with friends, others face a night on the streets or hidden away in the bushlands. No young person should feel like they have nowhere to go.

Led by inspirational youth care worker Zack, YCC actively provides outreach services to young, at risk and vulnerable people (12 to 25 years) in an effort to help kids facing homelessness and violence. The organisation offers after hours support and a non-judgmental approach to helping kids in need. Youth care workers engage with young people who cannot, or will not, access services, working with them over time to reconnect them to mainstream society.

Through the support and generosity of Synergy, YCC recently appointed a second youth care worker, Richie, to increase the impact the organisation is having on the lives of Canberra’s youth.

This has been a goal of ours since establishing Synergy’s partnership with YCC and was achieved through several initiatives in addition to an annual donation:

  • Assisting the YCC Board to enhance the financial position and strategy of the organisation.
  • Taking the lead to promote YCC and fundraise at the 2015 CPA Congress.
  • Selling thousands of dollars of raffle tickets at the YCC Race Day and Cricket Breakfast.
  • Running a Synergy Easter raffle and Charity Poker night with all proceeds to YCC.
  • Consuming plenty of chocolate as part of a Cadbury fundraiser with all profits to YCC.

Within the first year we have helped YCC raise tens of thousands of dollars for the organisation and we are excited to continue to help both financially and through staff engagement in the coming years.

Our next highly popular fundraising event is a ‘Farewell to Stephen Moore Rugby Dinner’ to be held on 30 August 2016 at Hotel Realm. The event will feature a panel discussion involving Stephen Larkham, Rod Kafer and the man of the hour, Stephen Moore.

All funds raised will go to YCC and their proactive outreach services to help at risk young people in our community.

If you are interested in this event, please join us on the evening. Tickets can be purchased here.

We are very proud to partner with YouthCARE Canberra and help make a genuine difference to Canberra’s at risk and vulnerable youth.


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