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Supporting Government to become 'future ready', partnering with clients to achieve legally defensible outcomes.
By leaning into complex and challenging issues, we can find options and solutions to support legally defensible outcomes and provide confidence for the commonwealth.

Synergy Law is a Synergy Group integrated legal offering, specialising in Government law and legal advisory services. Synergy Law as a capability, and an added service line, enables Synergy Group to provide clients integrated end to end advisory services and solutions which are legally assured and defensible. Synergy Law also provides Synergy Group the additional capability to look at ways to ‘lean into’ future legal issues such as: cyber security, ICT and infrastructure security, emerging energy resources, climate law, supply chain management, data sharing and information law, to support Government operations becoming ‘future ready’.

Synergy Law not only provides an integrated legal service but added depth of experience through having worked in, and for, Government on complex legal, policy and program matters. We know our market, we know our clients, we understand what you need. We will lean in, work beside you, and help you achieve your outcomes.

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"That Time of Year" - Simple strategies that go a long way to getting procurement deals 'done'

Having been and worked with Government Procurement Officers (GPOs) who leave their procurements to the very last minute, I understand the stress that comes with the end-of-financial-year and as Christmas shutdown approaches. Having lived through 5+ complex procurements that all had to be completed in 2-month periods (and less), I’ve also made my fair share of EOFY and New Year’s resolutions that start with the words “… Never again…” But then “never happens” again. And again. And not completing procurements on time can lead to very serious financial and legal implications for GPOs and the organisations they represent. As a ‘survivor,’ I can offer some simple strategies that can potentially go a long way to making “never again” a reality.
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Why you can’t be certain with confidence – in FOI matters?

When applying the law, uncertainty is the last thing you want. If your task is the application of complex rules to unique circumstances and you’re looking for as much assistance as you can to do that, you don’t want to be met with a shrug. It’s no different when it comes to Freedom of Information (FOI) – so it should be a welcome relief that when you search through the FOI Guidelines, you’ll see the word ‘uncertain’ rarely appears in the FOI Guidelines – and one instance concerns the ‘Materials-obtained-in-confidence’ exemption under the FOI Act
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Frivolous & Vexatious find a new friend (Unreasonable) through Australia's privacy reforms

First published in the LexisNexis Privacy Law Bulletin issue 2024 20(10), the article was (less whimsically) entitled "Expansion of Data-Subject-Access-Request (DSAR) Rights Under the Privacy Reforms." The article examines how lawyers and privacy practitioners may be able to rely on a concept from Freedom-of-Information (FOI) law (unreasonableness) to guide them in advising on practical strategies to manage expanded DSAR rights under Australia's privacy reforms.
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