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Building a human-centred trust framework for emerging technology adoption

Change as a result of digital transformation programs challenges the current trust of consumers and leads to uncertainty and disruption. Is there a way to build trust by maintaining consistency whilst embracing change? 

Submarines - Constraints and Opportunities

The key to understanding complex capability problems lies in appreciating the interdependencies between the vast chain of inputs that are fundamental to the development, production, and introduction into service of modern advanced platforms.
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Hybrid Life Survival Guide

We're not our best self, when we're every self. Our Creative X people have created a hybrid life survival guide containing the tools and tricks you need to find balance amongst the chaos.

New OAIC Directions signal a new direction in FOI reviews

In May 2024, the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) released new Information Commissioner (IC) Review Procedure Directions aimed at Commonwealth Government agencies. The IC Direction will require agencies to more actively engage with FOI applicants – and prove that they undertook searches for documents. Taking effect in July 2024, the new IC Directions are part of the OAIC’s commitment to ‘delivering a timely IC review process, informed by the principles of informality, responsiveness and proportionality’.
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Are ACCUs one big green Monopoly game?

The Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) Scheme is a little bit like the game, Monopoly – and specifically the Go Green edition. How? The ACCUs are the Australian ‘policy version’ of the ‘greening game,’ with financial incentives to buy green technologies and initiatives – and disincentives for polluters, with the goal of cleaning up the planet. With ACCUs, Australian businesses receive credits for projects that reduce or avoid greenhouse gas emissions. This requires projects to meet and follow integrity criteria to ensure that issued ACCUs indeed do avoid or decrease emissions. That’s the official rulebook, but the reality of how the game is played can be a bit different...
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